Ycode: Your Webflow alternative

Wondering whether you should choose the well-known option, Webflow, or the new kid on the block, Ycode? Don’t let our age fool you! Ycode has many of the same features, plus built-in user authentication and easy use of external APIs.



You have 3 options when starting a project: from scratch, a template, or by cloning an existing project. The clean interface shows your work in real-time, and the design sidebar includes several advanced settings. Add and save custom color palettes in the design controls.


When creating a new project, you can either select a template or simply start with a blank page. Webflow’s user interface is also clean. The standard sizing and design options for all your elements are straightforward and easy to use.

Start from scratch
Start from a template
Clone projects
Responsive design
Custom states
Advanced design settings
Global design settings

User authentication


With Ycode, user authentication is built-in. Dedicated pages (signup, login, password reminders, etc.) are automatically created with TailwindCSS, or you can build them yourself from scratch.


In Webflow, user authentication isn’t offered as a built-in feature. There are solutions to solve this but they require extra knowledge and a third-party tool like MemberStack.

Built-in user authentication Plug-in only
Automatic authentication pages Plug-in only

Dynamic content


Create a local database, upload data, and connect fields to web elements to make content dynamic. Use filters to show featured content, sort content alphabetically, or show specific date ranges. Visitors can even upload files to forms!


In the CMS, you can connect any design element to your Collections. You can then edit dynamic content directly on pages in real-time. You can also import CSV files into a Collection, either one by one or in bulk.

Local database
Simple database UI
Import data in bulk
Import data one-by-one
Dynamic content



Keep track of all elements and easily reposition layers in the Layers sidebar. You'll find a variety of elements in the Top panel like custom forms, sliders, HTML embeds, and dropdown menus that you can drag and drop into your canvas. All elements are responsive and editable in custom states.


Webflow offers building blocks, responsive elements, and custom states. They also have e-commerce, symbols, and navbar elements available. With Webflow's premium plan, you can add code and scripts to your app, adding another layer of customization.

Intuitive builder
Responsive elements
Custom states
HTML embed Premium plan
Custom code Premium plan
Drag and drop builder



Add static or dynamic titles and descriptions—from meta to image alt tags and social settings. Ycode produces clean, SEO-friendly code and is optimized for fast page loads. You can also exclude your website from being found on Google.


With Webflow, you can also set SEO meta titles and descriptions. For both individual pages and collections items, you can add Open Graph info, as well as exclude pages from search results.

Clean code
SEO meta data Premium plan
Social sharing data Premium plan
Exclude from search results Premium plan



Displaying data from an external API is easy—you simply connect the base URL to your canvas elements. If you’re using Airtable to collect, store and manage data, you can use the native Airtable Integration to import data.


Displaying API data is a bit more challenging in Webflow. There's currently no built-in method, however, there are workarounds. You can perform a few extra steps and work with third-party tools like Xano or NoCodeAPI.

Native Airtable integration Plug-in only
External APIs Plug-in only



Test web projects in staging before publishing. Ycode projects are reliably hosted on Google Cloud and come with automatic SSL certificates and public URLs. You can also use your custom domain. Ycode backends are powered by Laravel and PostgreSQL deployed on Google Kubernetes Engine.


Test and preview your website before publishing it. SSL certificates are always included and custom domains are available in premium site plans that include hosting. All projects are stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and delivered over the Fastly network. Fast loading times are possible through two Tier 1 CDNs. Paid plans offer the option to export your website.

Automatic public URL
Custom domain Premium plan
SSL Premium plan

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