In the Borders section, you can give each element an outline, either on all or individual sides.

To add a border, you first need to select a thickness (width). Then insert a radius (how rounded the corners of your borders are).

If you only want to set a border for one or two sides, you can click the icon next to it to edit individual border sides.

  • Style: Pick from a solid, dashed, dotted or double-line border.

  • Color: Click to unfold your color palette and pick a border color. You can edit and change these colors in the Design controls tab.

If you want to add dividers between elements, you can unfold the Divider options.

This setting will add a border on either the left-side of elements (add width on the X-axis) or above elements (add width on the Y-axis). Style and color settings are also available.

Tip: This setting has to be applied on a parent element and applies to all children below the first child element.