Inside of Data we have two different actions “Submit form” and “Delete database record”.

Submit form

The first action, Submit form will let your users submit your Forms, be they a Data, Filter, or Advanced form.

Depending on the form the workflow will react differently, for the Data and Advanced form the form information will be submitted or updated to/on your CMS while the Filter form will filter through your content.

For Data and Advanced forms, you will have an additional option called Customize data using the + Add field option in front of it you are able to add a new field, override or add new data to your form.

The information will always be submitted to the collection connected to the form to which the trigger button is connected to.

Delete database record

The second action, Delete database record, as the name indicates lets your website users delete collection records without having access to Ycode itself, so they are able to delete information directly through your website.