Page folders

When you're building and expanding your web project, you can soon have lots of different pages. To avoid overwhelm, make it easier to navigate, and keep track of URL structures, Ycode has a clever option: page folders!

This feature allows you to nest pages into folders and name them accordingly.

Using page folders

Open your project and look all the way to the left side of the screen. Then click on the pages icon to navigate to the Pages tab.

Once in the tab, select the Folder icon next to the title Pages. This will create a new folder.

Then add the name of the folder. You can add a custom slug and view the preview link below it. If you skip the slug, it's automatically created based on the name you added.

To create a subfolder, select a parent folder from the dropdown menu.

Back in the pages tab, you can easily rearrange and sort pages into different folders or move subfolders out of their parent folder—all using drag and drop.