Form structure

Form types

To get started with a form go to the Top panel and choose the fourth icon (Form) you can then choose the Form element. You will get a pop-up to select the form type you will be using, currently there are three form options you can select:

  • Data

  • Filter

  • Advanced

  • Authentication

Note: The Authentication form is only available once Authentication is enabled.

Let’s say you’ve changed your mind and want a different form type, instead of deleting the one you created you can select the Form and go to the right-hand side, on Settings under the Form section you will have Type, there you will be able to change to a different form type.

Forms work hand-in-hand with workflows, while we will be explaining how each form works on this documentation we also recommend checking workflows documentation for a more in-depth explanation of them.

Tip: You can add as many inputs as you wish to each form, so don’t let the default inputs of each form type constrain you!

Form elements

Build your form with the many different form elements available in Ycode:

  • Input groups: Input groups help you organize forms.

  • Label: To give fields a name

Form inputs

For the form input, you've got options as well:

  • Input: For short text data, works with text fields in your database

  • Select: For multiple-choice, works with relationship fields in your database (both reference and multi-reference fields)

  • Text area: For long text, works with text area fields in your database

  • Rich-text editor: To add long-format text, with more control and formatting options

  • Checkbox: To confirm statements, works with True/False fields in your database

  • Radio: To control elements that allow users to choose only one of a predefined set of mutually exclusive options

  • File upload: To upload files to forms

Form button

Every form needs a button so that users can submit their information, the button element can be found on the Top panel, on the Pointer icon.

Note: Make sure the button is inside of your form so that it's recognized as a form button and not an unrelated button element.