New project

You've just created your account and it's the first time your logging into the dashboard, a message will appear indicating that you have no existing projects. To start creating your first project, click on the "+" icon in the center of your screen!

To begin, you can either start with a blank project by selecting "Start from scratch" or choose a template that suits your needs. Explore all templates.

We offer a diverse range of templates; not all will be visible by default. Clicking on the "Browse all" button will redirect you to a new page showcasing our available templates. 

Additionally, you can preview the templates to determine if they align with your project requirements.

Once you've chosen the project you want to create, hover over it and click on "Start from scratch" or "Use template" buttons. 

Finally, give your project a name and click on Continue, you will be taken directly to the builder so you can start editing your new website!